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Light and Shadow
In the middle of a quite neighborhood in front my house I discovered a beautiful garden. It did not take a lot of afford
to search for creative ideas while entering the public garden. There is something magical in this green, green place.
The garden area is not large but you can see every thing in to its depth, and one object is revealed from another object
The height trees trunks and the mysterious of the branches, the large fountain in the middle is beautiful.
I found it very pleasant to watch people sitting in the garden, like far and hidden camera, with out any disturbance.
There is a constant movement in the garden, people are coming and going or passing through
Every day for six month I arrived to the garden at the same time drawing the people how were sitting on the benches.
Every thing was flowing and dynamic although the changes of the sunlight's colures. I have learned to memorize the shape
and form, almost by heart, and to transfer the movement fraction that I `catch` as a silhouette in a continuous memory.
There always remained the shining reflect of the sunlight which floods me with its sharp dazzling light. I was very inspired by
the diversion light and shadow and their movement. I even drew some pictures at night sitting on the bench under the
garden lamps. It was an experience I shell never forget.
Art becomes something spiritual for me, an inside look. I can `see` with my eyes closed all the shapes and colors as the
entirely artistic images. The creativity process is similar as: being pregnant and giving birth

An artistic journey to a magic garden